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Exploring My Call

Exploring My Call

Each person senses God's call to ministry in a different way. Sometimes during prayer or communion, you may feel a strong urging to consider full-time ministry as a clergyperson. During a mission trip or at a church retreat, you might sense that God seems to be inviting you to consider ministry as a vocation. Sometimes, however, you may sense that calling while you're in the middle of one of your everyday activities—attending class, at work, or spending time with friends. Perhaps someone said something to you that got you thinking.

If you’re discerning how God is directing your path and calling you to serve the church, here are some resources to help:

Elisha Internship
Called Retreat

Recommended resources

If you want to learn more about ordained ministry, contact the Office of Leadership Development via e-mail or call 605-990-7796 for these resources.

The Christian as Minister: An exploration into the meaning of God's call:  This is 100 page book that is an introduction and explanation of the different types of ministry available for people considering God’s call to ministry in The United Methodist Church.

Ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church: This DVD provides moving accounts by elders, deacons, chaplains, and pastoral counselors about what it means to be called to ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church. The DVD and accompanying brochure highlight what it means to be called and the different ways to serve in ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church.