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What is UMConnect?
The name UMConnect stands for United Methodist Connection, a robust video conferencing system shared by the Dakotas and Minnesota Conferences. The system allows people to meet and interact by real-time voice and video via a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smart phone or a videoconference room. The platform is hosted by BlueJeans.

Who uses UMConnect?
The system is to be used by United Methodists in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota and across the connection. Priority is given to conference groups that are conducting business on behalf of the Dakotas or Minnesota conference or the episcopal area office. These groups are identified in the official journal of the conferences.

How do I participate in a meeting via UMConnect?

  • Using your personal device: You will be sent an e-mail invitation with a link to “Join the Meeting”.  You can click on the link, download the BlueJeans App —if you are using for the first time–and join the meeting.  Watch this video for hints on how to get started using the BlueJeans App on your laptop or other personal device.
  • Using a "room system": We now have four sites in the Dakotas (and four in Minnesota) which use Dolby Voice Room systems to join a meeting with the touch of a button. To see how this works, please watch this short video. We have units installed in the sites listed at the bottom of this page.
  • By telephone (voice only): Simply dial 1 (866) 226-4650 and follow the voice prompts. You will need your unique 9-digit Meeting ID from your e-mail invitation, and enter it when requested.

Helpful hints

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The BlueJeans App icon will appear on your computer after downloading. Although preferable, it is not necessary to download the app; you can join meetings using your internet browser.

Before the meeting happens:

  • Set up your devices (speakers, microphone, and camera, if available).
  • Test your connection by going to
  • To avoid dropped calls, wired ethernet cable is better than wireless.
  • To avoid echo, use headsets, earbuds, or earphones.
  • Close other computer programs or apps.
  • Minimize distractions.  Be in a quiet place.
  • Enjoy this video about videoconference preparation and etiquette.
  • If you notice repeated issues with UMConnect calls, see detailed solutions here.

During the meeting:

  • Arrive early. Don’t get caught fumbling your way into the meeting.
  • Mute yourself when not speaking. Coughs and keyboard clicks are louder than you think.
  • Consider your impression. Ensure you have good camera angle and adequate lighting. 
UMConnect site list

DAKOTAS UMConnect sites

MINNESOTA UMConnect sites

Bismarck Legacy UMC

Bishop's Conference Room (Minneapolis)

Mitchell Conference Office (basement level)

Mankato Hilltop UMC

Mitchell Conference Office (ground floor)

MN Main Conference Room (Minneapolis)

Sioux Falls Asbury UMC

Northstar District Office


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