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Multiplying Disciples


Multiply Program

Multiply is a launching track to help you start another worship service or site to reach new people using church planting methods. The program is nine just in time downloadable electronic sessions. It is a joint program for both Dakotas and Minnesota Conferences.  

Training sessions are principle based and allow for flexibility to fit your context. Your coach or consultant will help you customize the principles.  Launching principles include adaptive change for multiplying churches, strategic alignment, community networking, team building, worship planning and launching systems.

You and your team can work the process at your own pace using the “download on demand” format and never leave your ministry context. After each workshop your coach will help your team work through action areas expected of leadership for both the launch process and worship event.

The suggested tuition for this training track is $500 per congregation.  If your congregation is unable pay, scholarships are available by asking your district superintendent. View this sample from the Unit 9 video: Click for video

If this sounds right for you, contact Gail Johnson by e-mail.

Further questions?  Contact Ben Ingebretson by e-mail.

Unit 1 - Getting Started...Big Pieces in the Puzzle
Unit 1 Video
Unit 1 Workbook

Unit 2 - Leading Change
Unit 2 Video
Unit 2 Workbook

Unit 3 - Strategic Planning
Unit 3 Video
Unit 3 Workbook

Unit 4 - Releasing the Gospel
Unit 4 Video
Unit 4 Workbook

Unit 5 - Aligning for Impact
Unit 5 Video
Unit 5 Workbook

Unit 6 - Internal Readiness
Unit 6 Video
Unit 6 Workbook

Unit 7 - Internal Readiness II
Unit 7 Video
Unit 7 Workbook
Unit 7 Resource Sheet

Unit 8 - Refining Readiness
Unit 8 Video
Unit 8 Workbook
Unit 8 Resource Sheet

Unit 9 - External Readiness
Unit 9 Video
Unit 9 Workbook



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