Dakotas Conference UM Youth
Sunday, December 17, 2017
To equip local churches in the discipleship of youth and the development of Christian leaders.

YSF Seminary Scholarship

Each year the CCYM shall receive applications via the dakyouth.com website of those seminary students who were involved in camping and youth ministries in the Dakotas Annual Conference, giving priority to those seminary students who have served on the Dakotas CCYM. Priority will also be given to those students attending a United Methodist Seminary.  Applicants must be certified candidates for deacon or elder orders. A maximum of two $300 scholarships will be awarded yearly; a seminary student may receive this award only once. 

Where are you currently enrolled in seminary? (Priority given to students at UM-Related Seminaries.)

Are you a Certified Candidate for Ministry in The United Methodist Church?
With which Dakotas District Board of Ordained Ministry do you relate?

What has been your involvement in camping and youth ministry in the Dakotas Annual Conference?
How has the camping and youth ministry of the Dakotas Conference influenced your call to the Ordained Ministry?
How do you envision living out your call to ministry following your graduation from seminary?
Applications are due by June 1 of each year, and scholarship determinations will be made by the Dakotas CCYM at their Summer Meeting.